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Year 2’s trip to Chester Zoo

July 7th, 2011 · 5 Comments · Uncategorized

Yesterday,year 2 went on an amazing trip to chester zoo.It was mainly sunny with a few showers. Lots of people liked the monkeys and the fruit bats. It was really good but the animals were only part of it because there  was three adventure playgrounds and a tram!
Chester Zoo 1 on PhotoPeach


2S Easter Experience

May 19th, 2011 · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

Dear Everyone

2S went to Holy Trinity Church just before Easter. Reverend Stephen and his colleagues at the Church took the children around different, beautifully decorated stations each telling the story of Easter. The children were very well behaved and it was a lovely experience. A big thankyou to Holy Trinity for showing us the real meaning beind Easter. I have put some photos on the Blog to show everyone what we did on that special day.


The next part of the spooky stories!

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The next part of the spooky stories are up on the blog. The children have worked very hard on them, well done year 2, have a lovely Easter!
Miss Hanlon


Our visit from Meg and Mog

April 13th, 2011 · 9 Comments · Uncategorized

As we have been learning about books we recieved a letter from Meg and Mog. They told us that they would be staying over at our school tonight and we must get prepared for them. With a few different materials we have collected bits together and left some letters for them. We hope they write back, and most of all we hope they enjoy their stay at our school. Here are some of the things we have left for them…..

Meg and Mogs visit on PhotoPeach


Our food poems by year 2

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Here are some poems by the year 2 children. The children have been looking at poetry over the last few weeks and after feeling and smelling different types of foods they were able to write their own food poems. We hope you enjoy reading them!

Spaghetti, spaghetti is horrible because,
It feels like worms and because the sauce feels like squashy tomatoes.

Spaghetti looks like yellow maggots,
Because they wiggle when you touch them.

Tucky mucky lucky chucky
But when I eat you, you taste delicious in my tummy.
By Benjamin

Jelly is scrumptious muncious and crunchiest
But don’t eat the jelly Nelly.
Jelly is delicious and frightful.

Jelly is yummy and scrummy in your mummy’s tummy.
It is wibbly and wobbly, lemony and slimy.

Jelly is gooey, glooey and slooey.
It is yummy and scrummy………
And perfect to eat!
By Molly

Pasta, pasta I like you.
You are hard and tasty
I eat you all up.

Swirly, whirly pasta.
Nice pasta, I like you.
You are so tasty.

Yummy and yummy so yummy I do like you
You are yummy in my belly.
I eat you all up whilst I’m watching telly.
By Logan

My cherry is made out of cherry and it is lovely.
Some jelly has a friend called teddy, he is smelly!
The jelly is fantastic but it looks horrid, giggly and jiggly.
A piece of jelly was watching telly…. but the telly broke.
By Samuel

The jelly is wibbly and it’s wobbly.
It’s cold and wet and slimy and gooey.
It is very cold and it is lovely.
Jelly smells delicious like flowers and ice cream
So I will eat it all up!
By Abbie


The frightful haunted house!

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After my frightful and spooky encounter with a haunted house I shared my story with the children and we looked at pictures. I didn’t however tell the children whether I entered the house or the events of the day. That story was left to their imaginations. The children could use any character they wanted in their stories with most finding it humorous to use me as they know how frightened I would be when reading them! We spoke as a class about some words that they could use in their work and discussed how they could use adventurous language to add tension and describe the scene. Here are a few introductions to their stories, if you would like to see more please comment to encourage the children’s work.
Thanks, Miss Hanlon

The next part of their stories has now been added!

One stormy night Miss Hanlon was strolling down the road. Suddenly she saw a spooky house. Miss Hanlon crept over to the door as she was shaking and shaking. She pushed the door wide open. Then Miss Hanlon began to walk into the dark home to discover what was inside.

Suddenly the door shut, she was so scared. Then Miss Hanlon tripped over a rope. She got back up and she slowly went into the home. She went to walk more and more but suddenly she saw a skeleton. She hid behind a cupboard. Miss Hanlon went upstairs and slowly walked into one of the bedrooms. In the corner of her eye she saw an old granny rocking back and forth in her chair….
By Nathan

One stormy and cloudy night a girl called Miss Hanlon was strolling home. All of a sudden she saw a spooky, creepy house. She tiptoed over to it while she was shaking. She got to the front door. It was very spooky and scary. But before she could touch the door it started to open. She pushed it fully open but she was feeling nervous and shaking.

She walked in the house while she was shaking. Suddenly the door slammed shut. She was looking at a picture and she slammed to the ground. She got up on her feet while a shadow was over her head. It was a bat flying at the top of the house and it led her to the stairs. The bat went up the stairs so she decided to follow it. When she got to the top of the stairs she saw a monster…..
By Matthew

One stormy night there was a girl called Miss Hanlon. She was going home from work when suddenly she saw a creepy house. She quietly crept over to the house. She was so terrified she was shaking. She crept slowly over to the door and reached for the handle.

Miss Hanlon reached to the handle but… it opened by itself. She walked in the house and it slammed shut, ‘BANG!’ It was spooky and dark aswell. She was scared because it was so spooky. She saw a growling monster. But then she saw some spiders so she climbed up the stairs. Then she saw a ghost so she ran back down the stairs as fast as she could. Suddenly she heard a bat screeching, she ran into the spooky kitchen. She was really hurrying so she ended up locking herself in the cupboard but she saw a spider in its web.
By Bethany

One stormy, black night Miss Hanlon was strolling home. Suddenly she saw a creepy house. After she stood there shaking but she then slowly crept to the dark, cob webbed door. Then she reached to the door handle but before she could touch it………. it opened slightly. Miss Hanlon was so terrified and scared she was shaking, slowly she opened the door fully.

Miss Hanlon walked around and she was turning to see the house when she fell over. Then when she scrambled to her feet a white, dark thing flew across her ear. She realized that it was a ghost and ran over to the cupboard, she was breathing heavily as she was so scared. Then she crept upstairs and hid under the bed. Suddenly she heard the monster coming up the stairs…..
By Meg

One dark, stormy night there lived a lady called Miss Hanlon. One day she was strolling home with her books in her hands. Suddenly in the corner of her eye she saw a terrifying, creepy house. She started to shake and crept slowly to the door. Then she reached for the door handle to open it, but suddenly it started to open by itself.

Then she bravely walked into the haunted house and the door slammed shut. Suddenly she started shivering. Just before she could move a fraction forward she tripped over a rope. Suddenly she looked up and saw a terrifying ghost, the ghost chased her around the house.
By Charlie

One dull, dark and stormy night Miss Hanlon was having a pasty on the way home when she spotted something on St James Street. She walked towards the dark shadow as it loomed above her! She soon found that it was a haunted house and saw the door handle dripping with blood. As she reached out to grab the handle she heard a wolfs loud cry and the door began to slowly creak open.

Then the door made a sound like a toad as it fully opened. Next, Miss Hanlon collapsed as there, right in front of her was a pair of orange eyes! She hobbled up to her feet and a dark shadow loomed above her…

Then, Miss Hanlon ran upstairs but didn’t get very far because on the second step was an octopus shark which picked her up with four arms and the big dark shadow came and stopped her from getting away…..
By Dara

One dark, stormy night there lived a lady called Miss Hanlon. She was strolling home one day when she spotted in the corner of her eye was a haunted, spooky, frightening house. She creepily tiptoed to the haunted house and finally got to the door. Miss Hanlon shivered to open the door but just then she heard a cackling witch’s laugh. Suddenly the witch’s cat pounced onto Miss Hanlon as she scrambled to get it off. Soon later Miss Hanlon bravely decided it was time to go into the house.

Next, Miss Hanlon trembled with fear and tripped over falling flat on her face. She wanted to run away but she knew that she could not leave the haunted house. Miss Hanlon walked into the house even more, then she heard the witches cackle again. It was about 50cm away so she was very scared! Miss Hanlon ran upstairs but the witch followed her so she ran downstairs but the witch was still there. Then she realized there were lots of witches in every room of the house. She saw the witch’s pet spider and grabbed it whilst throwing it at the witches. The spider turned into lots of little spiders. The witches screamed with fear, ‘ahhhhhhhh’ said the fearing witches. Soon after that Miss Hanlon was able to get all the ghosts out of the house.
By James

One cold night there was a teacher walking home from work. Suddenly in the corner of her eye she saw a creepy house. She crept to the door but when she reached out to the handle suddenly the door started to open. She opened the door fully but then she heard a horrible laugh.

She was so scared she decided to go home but before she could get to the door it shut on her. Then she was locked in. It was so dark she couldn’t see anything. Suddenly she tripped over something but she didn’t know what it was. She got up but in front of her there was a monster. Then the monster followed her so she ran as fast as she could into the bedroom and quickly locked the door.
By Saffron

One dark, stormy night Miss Hanlon was strolling home when suddenly in the corner of her eye she saw a creepy, dark and damp house glooming in the moon light. As she tiptoed towards the house she came to a dusty door. Miss Hanlon was just about to open the door when it slightly opened itself. Miss Hanlon bravely pulled the door open fully. When she carefully walked into the house she shrieked at spiders scattering across the floor.

Miss Hanlon started to shiver. Just before she could go any further she tripped over and fell to the floor. When she bravely got up she heard a noise upstairs then a dark figure started to walk down. Miss Hanlon hid quickly behind the cupboard.

She started to breath heavily then she accidently knocked a vase, ‘Smash!!!’ it broke. Just then the figure started to walk closer and closer towards Miss Hanlon. All of a sudden the figure vanished! When Miss Hanlon turned around she heard music playing upstairs….
By Iris

One stormy night Lucas was walking home but in the corner of my eye was a spooky house. I went to the creepy door but the door opened. It opened by itself. When I went inside it was very scary because there was cobwebs.
By Lucas

One spooky night Miss Hanlon found a spooky house. She crept over to the door. Suddenly the door opened by itself then peeking out of the door was a skull. Then the skull collapsed on the floor. Miss Hanlon looked up. She walked in the house then the door shut on it self. She walked into a cobweb and fell onto the floor. When she got up she looked at the window.

She crept slowly to the stairs. Suddenly somebody came in the house but it was a door moving back and forth. Then she saw some googley eyes. She threw herself on the floor but then it vanished. She got up off the floor and she walked some more. She found a wooden door and went in. The wooden door had some bugs on it, it led down to a zoo where she found a wall out of the spooky house.
By Max

One spooky night Miss Hanlon was strolling home and suddenly in the corner of her eye she saw a spooky and scary house. She was scared and she crept to the door and she shivered to the door handle. Before she could open it the door started to open and she reached in to open it fully.

When Miss Hanlon got inside the door shut. Inside it looked dark. She tripped on something, when she got up she saw a shadow. Suddenly some spiders came and a big shadow. Then the shadow started to get closer and closer. As she ran away from it into a room a monster locked Miss Hanlon in. She had to find a window but the monster followed her. When Miss Hanlon found a window the monster quickly grabbed her feet…..
By Brandon

One creepy, stormy, grey night an adventurous boy named Frightfulness was walking slowly and gloomily home from school when he heard a strike of lightning. As quick as a flash, he turned his head to the left and shrieked at what he saw for directly in front of him was a black, dark house. He was absolutely horrified. He tried to scream but no sound came out. He was so terrified that his throat had frozen. Only for a split second though for he said ‘I am absolutely terrified!’ Then, as he crept over to the door he heard the door knob creak terribly. He crept to the door and screamed for he saw a huge tarantula (he is very scared of spiders!) But he didn’t run away because he was trying desperately to conquer his fear. Frightfulness reached out to open the door. Suddenly, he stopped, for he had seen the door open slightly. He grasped the door handle and fully opened it. He was quivering all over with flight.

Next, he stepped bravely into the dark house. He was absolutely terrified. Suddenly, he fainted. As he was on the floor a huge figure loomed above him. He heard a witches cackle ‘He, he, he, he, he’. Then, what ever it was, it said: ‘Agaty, zagity, zigerdy, zam, there is no cure for my terrible plan!’ In a split second Frightfulness had turned into a horrible, slimy, green toad! ‘Oh no’ he croaked slowly. He ran over to a winding staircase. When he jumped up to the first step the next step was missing, but luckily he was now a toad so he leapt onto the step after the one that was missing. He pounded up the steps as he suddenly saw a ghost in front of him, ‘Booo!’ said the ghost. The slimy toad just croaked, ‘You can’t scare me you silly old ghost!’ With that, the ghost was so frightened he ran down stairs. He was so fast that he didn’t know where he was going. He crashed into the door. ‘Crash!’ (that was what the door sounded like). The door fell down and chopped the ghost into two pieces. Then the witch accidently turned Frightfulness back into a human. Frightfulness ran down the staircase screaming his head off. He fell over with fright and picked himself back up wearily heading towards the door….
By Thomas


Books we love by year 2

March 31st, 2011 · 19 Comments · Uncategorized

This topic we have been looking at books that we love. The children loved the Gruffalo and The Smartest Giant in Town. Here they are showing what they liked about the books.

Books we love from Tracey Challands on Vimeo.


Year 2 science experiment

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In our recent topic looking at solids, liquids and gases we tested where the best place would be for Nora to store her chocolate. Can you tell me what happened to the chocolate?
Also, can you name me another material that changes when heated or cooled?

Year 2’s Science experiment- Nora’s chocolate on PhotoPeach


Writing a blurb

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The children have been looking at Anthony Browne books. They really enjoyed the book ‘The Tunnel’ and wrote their own blurbs. Hope you enjoy reading them.

The  tunnel  by  Bethany

 The  characters  are  rose  and  jack.

They  squabbled   all  the  time.

They saw  a  tunnel.

Did  they  go  in  the  tunnel?



 Rosie  and Jacks mum sent them both out together. Then they saw a tunnel. They both  went in. Suddenly  everything was different….. 


The  tunnel by Sophie.

 One day there was a little girl and a little boy.

 But one day they had to go some where together

 and found a tunnel and the boy went in……….


 The tunnel by Dara

 A girl and a boy live together but always fight together.

But one day they come face to face with a daring, spooky

Tunnel  that changes things forever……..!


The tunnel by Iris 

There lived a brother and a sister they always fight

and argue.  But one day they found a tunnel and everything



The tunnel by Matthew

 One day there lived a boy called jack and a girl called rose.

Jack and rose fight a lot.

One day their mum sent them out.

They discovered a tunnel, will they ever make friends


 The tunnel by Meg 

One day there lived a girl called Rosie and a boy called Jack.

One day they discovered a dark gloomy tunnel. But what was at the other end?


The tunnel by Saffron 

The children fought so their mum sent tem out.

Then they found a tunnll .  The boy went down the tunnel but then everything changed…..


The Tunnel by: Thomas

 Find out what Jack and Rosie get up to in this fascinating book. They always argue. Their mum is sick of it. They have to go to the dumping ground as a punishment. What do you think will happen? 





Year 2 visit to the library

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Year 2 visit to the library on PhotoPeach